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How One Property Manager Saves Time with Streamlined Communications

5 Questions with Kevin Robert, Brookwood Management Partners

Brookwood Management Partners, a subsidiary of private equity real estate investment firm Brookwood, provides property management services across its national portfolio. The firm has developed and employs first-rate institutional systems and practices across its buildings.

Kevin Robert, Assistant Property Manager, Brookwood Management Partners, recently connected with us to chat about his experience using Prism by Building Engines. He and his team use the platform every day in the four buildings he manages in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (150,000 square feet).

Read on to learn how Kevin and his team save time using Prism by Building Engines.


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What do you like most about the Prism platform?

KR: I love the communication aspect of it. Sending an email to tenants used to take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes per email. I would have to go into my email distribution list and select people, and sometimes emails would be sent to tenants they weren’t meant for. Then, I’d have to go find that person and tell them that email wasn’t meant for them. With Prism, I can just click a dropdown and select what buildings and what tenants I want communications to go to.

It’s really simple and user-friendly, and it saves me hours per week.

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed since switching to Prism?

KR: We used a previous system before. The main difference is the work order management system. It flows more now. It’s user-friendly. You don’t have to look through 10 different things to get to something you’re trying to find.

Explore the modules helping Kevin's team

Prism Work Orders

Efficiently manage and prioritize requests to deliver a world-class tenant experience

Prism Building Communications

Effortlessly engage with occupants and keep them continuously informed

Prism Resource Reservation

Empower your CRE tenants with a simpler way to schedule amenities and other key services

How has using Prism made your job easier?

KR: I would say it’s easier to interact with team members and tenants now. Before Prism, I was emailing or calling people directly. Now I don’t have to go to my email distribution list, which used to take me 30 minutes or more for something as simple as sending out an email.

For work orders, the time to maintenance has really improved for us. Also, my own self-management and tenant relationships have improved. The contact is all streamlined between me and the tenant, me and the engineers, the maintenance technician to the tenant, and then back to management. Prism helps cut out a lot of the in-between. Instead of calling the maintenance engineer, it’s all right there in the system. [The engineers] already know, because maybe they got a picture sent from the tenant. And I can see when my property teams open a work order or complete work.

We can also communicate with tenants directly with comments on work orders. It means we don’t have to go the extra step calling or emailing the tenant.

“It’s easy. It’s all in one system, all in one platform.”

How has Prism improved the tenant experience?

KR: I’ve gotten a couple compliments from tenants. Making reservations or renting a community room for a day has been easier for them to do. And then also maintenance work gets done quicker, which is good for tenants. That kind of stuff is definitely positive tenant feedback that I’ve heard.

What would you say to other property managers who are considering Prism?

KR: The main thing is that we’re saving time. It could be 10 to 30 minutes a task, but over the week that really adds up. It could be a couple hours or more per week that we can focus on something else. It’s just easy to use. The dashboard is very user-friendly. It saves us so much time.

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